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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OK, the GOP won. Now What?

Like many of you, I say up last night and watched the election results come in. I have a lot of friends who jumped on the tea Party bandwagon. Some of them are sincere about effecting real change in this country. A lot of them are simply anti-Democrat and pro-Republican. All of them were pleased with the results last night for the most part. Some have gone so far to proclaim that the Republic has been saved now that the GOP is in power, or will be come January.

I wish I could agree with that. I really, honestly wish I could.

My first red flag came months ago when the aptly-named Dick Armey and his ilk hijacked the original tea Parties with some new faces supporting the same old tired Neocon hacks.

Then a few weeks back John Boehner comes out with the steaming pile called the "Pledge to America" - very similar in concept to the "Contract With America" pushed by globalist New Gingrich and his cronies in 1994. Maybe if Boehner and the Republicans actually upheld their oaths in the first place, I might feel better about it. The Pledge to America is the political equivalent of an abusive spouse pleading to his battered wife that "I'll change this time, I won't hit you again, I promise!" - sounds nice, but until some real effort is shown to mean it, there's nothing behind it but empty words.

So the neocon tea Partiers got their wish. The GOP made their advances, and now they are the majority in the House, and they gained some Senate seats. But in there are a few real patriots. Despite some things I disagree with, I think Rand Paul is going to be a thorn in the side of the Establishment. He's not Ron Paul, but I think he's a major improvement in the type of person we want in office, as opposed to the two-faced liars that have been in there for so long.

But now what? Now that the GOP won the day, do the Tea Partiers go back to sleep? Are they going to go back to the TV and their distractions and just assume that all is well now? Sadly, I think most of them will. But there are a lot of us who are awake now and aren't going to turn our backs on Congress. You and I need to keep on them 24/7 to make sure they stick to their oaths to defend the Constitution.

YOU CAN NOT TRUST POLITICIANS! Their feet MUST be held to the fire, Democrat AND Republican. They need to know we're here and expecting them to do the right thing, and to restore the Republic.Perhaps we've delayed the inevitable financial collapse if only briefly. We still have something of a window to get through to these people to start fixing things. Yes, sooner or later, the mess that they've made over the decades will come crashing down. And odds are whoever is in office at that point will, right or wrong, be held accountable for it. No one wants to be in charge when the place goes up in smoke. But at least this new Congress should start taking serious steps to undo the chaos big government created.

It's going to be painful no matter what, I know this, and a lot of people do. The masses don't get it yet and when things go south they're going to make it worse because they are uninformed. They will knee-jerk react and not think through what's happened. They will vote out those in office at the time. God forbid it gets ugly, they will get violent I fear.

But I beg this new Congress to do what is right. Start undoing the mess, start making things right. Stop spending money we don't have. Cut out the entitlements and tax burdens. Get rid of the Federal Reserve System and replace the Federal Reserve Note with sounds money. Cut all those Federal departments that are unconstitutional. Trim the governmental fat. It'll be hard, but in the end it'll be the best thing to do for the future of America.

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